Artiforte was a company in Rotterdam (Insulindestraat 222) that made unique design lamps under the guidance of Henk Fillekes. Fillekes was not only a co-owner, but also a designer. He designed various unique lamps, including the well-known Magneto floor lamp. This special floor lamp is known for its unique magnet system, in which the arm is attached to the foot with a round magnet (ball joint). Besides Fillekes, the well-known Dutch designer Kho Liang Ie has also designed various lamps for Artiforte, including the Libra floor lamp (model K46). Johan Niegeman designed the floor lamp with a 40W fluorescent tube (model N84) for Artiforte. This lamp was chosen for the Triennial ’57 in Milan. The company stopped  in the 1980s. Much information about Artiforte can be found in the magazine Goed Wonen. There is no connection between Artifort and Artiforte, these are two different companies.

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