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  1. For all purchases in the webshop that are made from Europe, the customer has the option to repudiate the agreement without specifying any reasons for a period of at least 14 days. This period starts on the day the product is received by or on behalf of the customer. The shipping costs for returning will come to the customer’s account.
  2. All returns must be announced by e-mail or telephone. If necessary, we will provide the customer with additional shipping instructions.
  3. Returning is only possible if product and packaging are in the same condition in which Ztijl delivered it to the customer.
  4. Please provide the returned products with a note containing you name and address, the invoice and your bank account number.
  5. You can also return the products yourself in our warehouse in Berkel en Rodenrijs, the Netherlands.
  6. As soon as Ztijl has received the returned products, the purchase amount will be transferred to you as soon as possible, but at least within the legal term of 30 days.
  7. If Ztijl has paid the shipping costs for returning the products, this amount is deducted from the purchase price.
  8. Unless agreed otherwise, the right to repudiate the agreement for a period of 14 days expires if the customer chooses to pick up the product in our showroom or if the customer has seen the product in the showroom.
  9. The right to return a product does not apply to purchases from outside Europe and business purchases, unless otherwise agreed.


  1. Ztijl guarantees that the products comply with reasonable requirements of usability and/or reliability subject to the description of the product in the web shop,
  2. Ztijl sells electronic devices as collectors’ products, they are not suitable for everyday use. This will be explicitly mentioned in de description of the products in de webshop.
  3. The customer should check the quality and / or the quantity of the products received, corresponding to the describtion in the web shop and / or email regarding the agreement. Additional visible defects should be reported to Ztijl through e-mail within 5 days after receipt of the product.


  1. The customer purchasing vintage products is assumed familiar with the requirements and regulations that were placed on safety and use at the time and place the products were manufactured. These requirements and regulations may differ from current legislation and / or legislation in the customer’s country.
  2. The customer is always responsible for compliance and ensures safe and responsible use of products purchased at Ztijl.
  3. If Ztijl should be liable, then this liability is restricted to what has been regulated in this provision.
  4. Ztijl is not liable for damage, of whatever nature, caused by her using incorrect and/or incomplete data supplied by or on behalf of the customer.
  5. If Ztijl might be liable for any damages, liability of Ztijl is limited to twice the invoice value of the order, or to that part of the order which the liability relates.
  6. The liability of Ztijl is limited to the amount paid by her insurer, as appropriate.
  7. Ztijl is never liable for indirect damages, including consequential damages, lost profits, lost savings and damage due to business or other stagnation.
  8. Ztijl is never liable for damage caused by customers picking up products from shelving by themselves. They should at all times leave that to the seller.
  9. The limitations of liability contained in this article do not apply if the damage is due to intent or serious negligence of Ztijl.

Complaints Procedure

  1. For complaints, please fill in the contact form or send an e-mail. We will always take your complaint into consideration. Your complaint is our opportunity to improve Ztijl.
  2. Ztijl answers complaints within 5 working days from the date of receipt. For complaints with a longer processing time, we will inform you within a period of five working days when to expect a more detailed answer.
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