Price Structure

  1. All prices in de webshop are in euro’s, including VAT and transaction costs, but excluding cash on delivery charges (if applicable) and excluding shipping costs as well.
  2. The height of the shipping costs depends on the delivery address and the size / weight of the order. See Orders and (Quote for) Shipping for more information on shipping costs.
  3. Obvious mistakes or errors in prices of shipping costs are not binding for Ztijl.

Taxes and VAT

  1. Ztijl applies by default the dutch margin scheme. This tax regulation applies to used products. VAT tax will be paid on the margin between buying and selling. Marginprices are VAT included, but there is no VAT amount mentioned on the quote and invoice. The margin scheme is indicated on the invoice as “VAT included according to the margin scheme (VAT included, but no VAT mentioned)”.
  2. The margin scheme applies primarily to individuals within the EU, but also for companies within the EU without the right to VAT refund. The total amount to be paid is lower because Ztijl is allowed to charge and pay less VAT.
  3. For companies in the Netherlands, we can also create normal VAT quotations and invoices. This can be requested by simply choosing the option ‘create a normal VAT quote’ in the order form. The total amount (VAT included) will be higher, because we have to charge and pay more VAT than under the margin scheme. However the amount without VAT is lower. Therefore this option is interesting for companies with the right to deduct taxes.
  4. For companies outside the Netherlands, but within the EU we can create quotations and invoices for intra-Community supplies. This can be requested by choosing the option ‘request a quote for an Intra Community supply’ in the order form. You will receive a offering by e-mail later on. Without a valid VAT number, the quote is not binding for Ztijl (you may leave your VAT number in the ‘order notes’). We check the validity of the VAT number. An intra-Community supply is only possible in combination with shipment. If you choose to pick up the order in Berkel en Rodenrijs, you will receive a quote and / or invoice in accordance with the margin scheme.
  5.  Companies and individuals outside the EU can currently only choose to apply for an offer in the shop. You will receive a mail with a quote at 0% VAT. This offer also includes shipping. Unless stated otherwise, all costs relating to the import of goods if any – such as clearance fee, customs duty and VAT – are on behalf of the client.
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