Herda “Harmonious in atmospheric light”
Frans Daniels and his brother started making stoves during the war. After thewar they started making lamps. On May 13, 1946, Frans started with two brothers (Bertus and Joop) the family business Herda “lighting industry”.The brothers were inventive in getting around the post-war shortage of materials by using biscuit tins dropped by the Allies during the war. This is how the first Herda lamps were created from the recycled metal of the biscuit tins.
The name Herda is the abbreviation of the surname of Heer Herwaarden and the surname of the brothers Daniels. Mr Herwaarden had arranged the permit (which was very difficult after the war).
Herda employed three designers, Jaap Tiepel, Dirk Heyman and Margo van Dijk. The company started small, but in its heyday, there worked more than 350 people for the production of 2500 lighting stores in the Netherlands. That was 95 percent of the total market at the time. At the time, Herda was the largest lamp manufacturer in the Netherlands. The head office was in Amsterdam, there were also depots in Tilburg, Oosterwolde, Borne, and Nuth. Herda went bankrupt on June 24, 1997.

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