All the vintage design furniture we sell is original and authentic from the mid 20th century; from the thirties to the eighties. Most of our vintage design is from wel-known designers like Cees Braakman, W.H. Gispen, Niels Moller, Nisse Strinning, Wim Rietveld, Louis van Teeffelen, Coen de Vries and Kho Liang Ie and manufacturers like Artifort, Bovenkamp, Gispen, Fritz Hansen, Möller, Pastoe, Pilastro, ‘t Spectrum, WébéMost of our vintage design is from wel-known designers and manufacturers, but we do sell vintage from unknown designers and unknow manufacturers as well. Keyword is quality reflected in the way products has been manufactured and  finished. Our vintage furniture is categorized in vintage seating (vintage couches and sofa’s and vintage chairs and stools), vintage tables and desks and vintage kids furniture

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