Purchase, trade-in and rent

Sell and Trade in products

  1. Ztijl buys and sells all kinds of design products. If you have interesting products, please let us know. Products must be in good condition. You can email or call. Please e-mail us a picture of the item and de asking price.
  2. If the purchase value exceeds € 500 we will ask you to sign a purchase invoice. With the signing of this invoice you declare not to have deducted VAT as input tax.

Renting Products

  1. It is possible to rent products for a certain period. The price is 10% of the sale per week. We charge only in whole weeks, one week is the smallest unit.
  2. In advance you pay the purchase price as deposit and we will return the deposit minus the rental fee after you return the products. Any damage to the rented products will be billed to the renting party.
  3. The renting party must take care of the transportation. Ztijl is not responsible for any damage incurred during transportation.